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World Champ Dani rides Forest 10

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WORLD women’s team pursuit champion Dani King showed most of the lads how to time trial when she was an unexpected and welcome visitor to New Forest Cycling Club’s second evening 10-miler of the year.
King, from Hamble, was part of the trio that set a new world record in Melborne earlier this month.
Starting number 21, the Matrix-Prendas rider ripped around the Ringwood-Sopley-Bransgore-Kingston North loop in 24min 8sec on a damp and windy Tuesday which failed to attract any other visitors.
Despite her speed, she failed to catch her minute man, New Forest’s on-form Gary Lock, who pulled ahead by 44sec to win in 23-24. Clubmate Ben Boardman clocked an excellent 23-52 to finish second on a difficult night, leaving King third.
Fourth place went to Geri Robinson with 25-54, Stuart Peckham was fifth with 26-05 and James Bannister sixth with 26-16.
Others (all NFCC): Rob Brinsdon 26-36, Dan Mitchell 27-02, Andrew Hanley 26-58, Richard Rajski, Phil Underwood and Gary Plumb all tied with 27-12, Hugh Roper 27-14, Richard Mason 27-19, Keith Bradfield 27-23, Konnor Bracher-Walsh 27-55, Peter Weaver 28-15, Antony Moyle 29-43, Bob Jolliffe 31-38, Roger Bacon 31-39, Chris Mills 32-10, Geoff Weller 32-35 (off course), Chris Grant 33-37.

Weather bad in Bristol, too

Meanwhile, New Forest’s Nick Tattersall, who is currently working in Bristol, was giving it his all on the U186 course on “a cold, blustery, showery evening”.
“The course starts at the top of a steep drop from Old Down, frighteningly high speeds even into last night’s 20mph wind, but watch out for the pots!” he said.
“Then under the M48 at Aust with a road surface that makes the P311 seem like a billiard table. Head south for a couple of miles, still bucking that wind and the wash from lorries heading for the motorways. Then at long last into the lanes that take you out of the wind, first east and then north to finish at the bottom of Old Down Hill.
“So a ski ramp start and flat (other than bridges over the motorways) thereafter should have been a recipe for a fast time. Not so – the wind saw to that.
“Quickest time on the night was 22:48 (Freddie Lewton of Dream Cycling; 1-17 slower than the previous week), I recorded 27-57 for 27th out of 38 finishers.
“Still, the ride north back to my hotel was very quick (speeds up to 35mph) with that wind behind me, just staying ahead of a heavy shower which caught me with a mile or so to go.”

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