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Weekend Round-up July 29th

Bob Jolliffe has been busy collecting age group and personal bests, some info from Bob :- “

Bob Jolliffe followed up a somewhat lacklustre 25 of 1-08-09 in South Wales on Sunday with a personal best – ever – 15-mile ride of 38-54 in the …a3crg event on P884 on his birthday on Wednesday evening and claimed a new club record for a 67-year-old.Bob knocked a minute and three seconds off his previous best for the distance set way back on March 14, 1971.”

Bob also rode this weekend as follows – “Did 27-40 this afternoon (SUN 28TH) on the windy H10/1 course on the Bath Road (A4) near Aldermaston in the Reading CC 10. Hot north-westerly headwind out to the turn, but the wind was not very helpful on the return leg because of shelter from the trees on the north side of the road. Chris Bartley (AS Test Team) won with 19-03.”

In other news, Catherine Pascoe rode the first of the Marlborough summer cyclo-cross events – “Antony Green and I did the Marlborough summer cyclocross races today. There were no other NFCCs riding but Mike Anderson and his wife came out to support and cheer us on. Thanks Mike! I finished 7th out of 10 women (I told you the fields were small!) and 3rd Vet 40+. I worked hard to get away from two women I know I can usually beat, but there was no way I could catch the others ahead of me as they are so strong (and younger than me!!).  Antony finished 21st of 32 after starting at the back and then having to stop to pump up a softening front tyre. He worked his way steadily through the field from virtually last after the tyre incident! The course was very fast indeed, with no dismounts.”

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Wessex Cyclo-cross 2019-20 and ride London report

It may seem a bit early to be talking about cyclocross but, to quote the organiser of the first race “it is only 32 sleeps to the first race of the season!” The New Forest Cycling Club is now affiliated to the Wessex Cyclocross League for the 2019/2020 season. This means that NFCC riders will […]


P164 15 mile TT

Ray Claridge won last night’s TT with a 36:04, a very good time that would likely have had his 3 minute man and second placed rider Stuart Peckham just in sight on the last rise to the finish. The evening had an unhelpful wind direction, but was warm and at least rain free. A further […]


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