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Weekend Round-up 9th Sept and Varese TT

Varese TT – Report from Paul Lockyer

TT course wasn’t as bad as I first thought. The climbing was pretty gradual and only a couple of big kicks which zapped some speed. Didn’t really train for the event, went to have fun and enjoy the experience. Happy with my power hoped to hold 300w, more happy I didn’t hit the barrier after the finish line! Finished 25th in age group and 3rd Brit. (note – the short video Paul has shows him narrowly missing a barrier at high speed)

Utag 10 P881R

The rain held off, though there were a few spots while warming up. Conditions were blustery, but in general everyone improved by a few seconds in comparison to the Poole event last week. Paul Lockyer was unfortunately a DNS; the team 10 record would likely have been improved, as Stuart and Antony, the other two counting members last year, improved their times. The club however did gain 6th place from 13 counting teams of 3.

Bob Jolliffe (26.20) and Aaron Kelly (21.47) were early starters and I didn’t get any comments other than a wave goodbye from Bob as he headed home. Justin Priest was also another non-starter. Stewart Ward (21.55) was pleased with his time, and mentioned hanging up his wheels for the year on a relative high, after a below par season with injury and RAAM commitments. It turns out that isn’t going to be the case and hard training is on the plan! Stuart Peckham (21.39) improved a few seconds over last year, but not quite up to his best 2 years ago. Antony (19.50 ) was very pleased with his ride after initially feeling below par, improving his PB by 17 seconds and finally getting under 20 minutes after 24 years of bike racing.

Chain Gang (6th Sept) – report by Russell Wynn

Four members enjoyed good conditions for this week’s Chain Gang, and from the off it was clearly going to be a hard session. Chapeau to Phil H and Neil for shrugging off the exertions of the previous weekend and ensuring we arrived in Burley as a tight group. Phil G and I had our first attack up Wilverley Hill thwarted by marauding cattle, but further attacks and counter-attacks on the swift run back to Brockenhurst opened up a few gaps. I made our average pace about 36 km/hr, but we probably lost a minute or so due to errant livestock!

Saturday Club Ride (8th Sept) – report by Russell Wynn

Autumn is officially here! Two of our NFCC GB reps came attired in tights as well as their red, white and blue vests from Varese last weekend, and the sound of crunching acorns accompanied the eleven riders during the initial passage up the Ornamental Drive. Rob’s steady hand ensured we had a safe and uneventful passage to Rockbourne and back via the Avon Valley, and even the final romp up Braggers was well controlled. A coffee stop at the Cider Pantry in Burley injected a bit more energy into the group, with a useful tailwind aiding a swift run back to Brockenhurst. A core of riders then headed onwards to Beaulieu for some additional mileage, with the average speed for the day around 30 km/hr.

Club news

NFCC/BJW Inter-club 25 mile TT

A very good field for an evening 25, with the Jubilee slightly outnumbering the Forest, but also a trio of Fareham Wheelers riders. However, with one DNF each for the two clubs due to punctures, and one DNF for the Jubilee due to going off course, the finishing numbers for the Inter-club were the same. […]


Weekend Round-up 15th July

Bob Jolliffe has been in touch with some of his recent results. On Weds, July 3, he rode the a3crg Middlemarkers’ 25 on P884b/25 finishing with 1-06-47 which he says is his best in England since 1983, giving him a plus of 5-18 on standard for a 66-year-old. The following Weds he clocked his best […]


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