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Weekend Round-up 2nd June

A busy weekend over a number of disciplines!

A number of New Forest riders travelled to Peterborough to take part in the tour of Cambridge road and TT events over the weekend. Stewart Ward sent in this report

“I was pleasantly surprised by my result (37th in my age group, so qualified – although won’t be going to the finals) given the distinct lack of  training. Thought it was all over after 2:42 minutes and 109 K when the guy in front of me sat up in the corsswinds and I cramped trying to close the gap. 3 guys went past and couldnt stay with them. Carried on for 300m then we turned right into a block headwind and thankfully, everyone sat up so I lived to fight another 50K. If I had better legs I could have had some fun at the end but hey ho. Almost certainly I will pay for today’s efforts at the heath race on Tuesday!”

Stewart and other riders fared as follows at different events:

Steward Ward 37th in the 40-44 Cat- 87th overall AVS 23.8 mph – Qualified

Robert Sweatman 26th in the 55-59 Cat – 285th overall AVS 21.8 – Qualified

Rupert Williams 8th in the 65-69 Cat 56th overall AVS 18.7mph

Aleks Burlinson (No placing) in the 55-59 Cat overall AVS 16.24 mph

Paul Lockyer and Aron Kelly rode the TT on Saturday. Paul made the last qualifying place in the 19-34 age group for the UCI Gran Fondo Championships later this year. He came 12th and Aron was 16th in his age group, with times of 37:09 and 38:32 respectively.

Catherine Pascoe placed second in the Grand Vet female event, held as the 4th round of the Southern XC series.

In other news a number of the Saturday riders were busy preparing themselves for the multi-surface TINAT event next weekend. Look it up, but I’m hoping to have a report or at least some info next week. It appears that tyre changes are required as part of the transition to off road, so not just a bike race, and hopefully nobody will earn ‘Mechanic of the Year’ at this event!

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