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Weekend Round-up 10th June

Ray Claridge, Stuart Peckham and Catherine Pascoe rode the BJW open 10 on the P415 on Sunday. Ray rode to 10th place with a 21:06, (his second fastest ever 10) and Stuart to 19th just under a minute slower with 22:06. Catherine Pascoe did her fastest time this year with a 28:22 on what she described as a good morning for a time trial, the wind having dropped from the previous day.

Antony Green rode the VTTA national 25 near Newmarket to 19th on actual time, and 21st adjusted on Vet Standard for age and sex, with a plus of 16:36 from 132 finishers and 30 DNF/DNS.

For those over 40, if you belong to the VTTA you are given a ‘plus’ time for every year over. The faster you are compared with an average time triallist of your age (worked out based on figures compiled over many years) the better your plus. The event was won with a plus of 19:48 by a 57 year old male, with an 89 year old male (actual time 01:13:02 but his age predicts 1:31:55) in third with a plus of 18:53. This also meant that 9th overall was a 50 year old female with a plus of 17:59.

It may be that the club considers a version of this for male and female competitors next year, so all to race for by the older members!

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Event details for Tues 25th June – important!

There is a discrepancy between the South DC and NFCC web sites. I’m hoping that the NFCC is more accurate and that the correct police forms have been submitted. Start time is 19:00, meet at Parc pale HQ and note that there are NO prior signing on facilities as Margaret is not available, just turn […]


Weekend Round-up 23rd June

A busy weekend for racers as well as the well supported Saturday and Sunday rides. A number of club members raced the Poole Wheelers Gary Dighton Memorial this weekend. Aron Kelly was 7th overall and 3rd Senior male with 20:40, Sonia Laurie was 3rd female with 25:22, Barry Hards was third Vet with 22:46. Bob […]


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