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Rained off 30 replaces mid-July 25

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NEW Forest CC’s 30-mile time trial, which was called off because of torrential rain last week, has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 17.
Although it will replace a 25, the alteration will allow the club’s Best All Rounder competition, of which the 30 is a part, to be completed.
Racing secretary Roger Bacon said the P304 25-mile course will be used and he will add the extra distance at the start and finish.
He urged potential competitors to note the change of start time from 7pm to 6.45pm. Event headquarters will still be the North Kingston triangle.

Taming the Dragon and the ups of riding in the Downs

Half-a-dozen keen New Forest CC members headed for the hills at the weekend: four to the Brecon Beacons for the Dragon Ride and two to the South Downs for the Wiggle Sussex/Surrey Scramble.

Lee Hookem, Mike Ahearn, Barry Wootten and Patrick Walters had trained hard for the Dragon in South Wales, getting plenty of miles under their belts in recent weeks; and it paid off.
Lee and Mike took on the 130-mile Gran Fondo with its 11,000 feet of climbing in the Brecon Beacons. Lee ended up with a Bronze Award after completing the challenging course in 7hr 54min while Mike plugged around in an excellent 9-27.
Patrick and Barry opted for the Medio route which, said Barry “was a mere 81 miles and around 6,000 feet of climbing”.
Both completed the course in 5hr 3min and earned themselves Silver Awards.
“A tough event whichever route was chosen and one that all would recommend to anyone wanting a challenge next year,” said Barry.

While the Forest-based quartet were intent on taming the Dragon, club secretary Peter Weaver and wife Carolyn set out from Verwood to experience the ups of riding in the Downs around Billingshurst and Pulborough.
Peter tackled the 92-mile Epic and Carolyn the 64-mile Standard route.
“It worked quite well as the ‘Epic’ was the ‘Standard’ with a few extra loops bolted on, meaning that we could ride mostly together and occasionally I looped off for a few miles on my own and then played catch-up; well that was the plan anyway,” said Peter.
From Billingshurst the field that Peter estimated to be between 400 and 500, headed south-west through Coldwaltham for a couple of tough climbs on and off the South Downs around Goodwood and at Midhurst turned to Chiddingfold before a final loop south-east around Billingshurst.
“Although there was less than 1,000 metres total ascent it was quite a tough ride as the whole day was spent going either up or down, as the course profile dramatically shows – in fact it’s an almost perfect match to the graph from my heart rate monitor,” said Peter.
“I learned a bit about nutrition on the way as I had a couple of ‘lows’, both of them prior to feed-stations and then was okay after refuelling.
“I was really impressed – and pleased – with the way Carolyn rode. Although she looks to have a slow time for her 64 miles she was of course spending a lot of time waiting for me to catch up after each of my extra loops, which is why her 64 miles took the same time as my 92 miles.
“She stormed most of the last 30 miles from the final feed to the finish – clinging close to my back wheel and catching and passing several others.
“We finished together in 5hr 57min, missing Gold by 12 minutes.”

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