The New Forest Cycling Club

Race results

P311 10m Boxing Day Open TT 26/12/2016

1Samuel Wadsley00:22:1027.1
2Charley Calvert00:22:2726.7
3Neil Mackley00:22:5226.2
4Antony Green00:22:5426.2
5Patryk Witkowski00:22:5726.1
6B Xavier Disley00:23:0426.0
7Brendan Reese00:23:1025.9
8James Horton00:23:1125.9
9Steven Cottington00:23:1425.8
10Andrew Cooper00:23:2025.7
11Tom Stocker00:23:2325.7
12Stuart Bowers00:23:2625.6
13Matthew Downie00:23:2625.6
14Mitchell Webber00:23:3525.4
15Craig Haslam00:23:5025.2
16Stuart Martingale00:23:5625.1
17Nicholas Buck00:24:0125.0
18Steve Groome00:24:0424.9
19Perry Lee00:24:1624.7
20Christopher Day00:24:4224.3
21Max Moyles00:24:5224.1
22Thomas Day00:24:5624.1
23Lyndon Thompson00:25:0224.0
24Julian Lockwood00:25:0723.9
25Stuart Peckham00:25:1523.8
26Iain Palmer00:25:2123.7
27Graham Crockford00:25:2123.7
28Rob Jones00:25:3423.5
29Chris Wilson00:25:3823.4
30Lou Dutch00:25:4623.3
31Philip Godfrey00:25:5323.2
32Richard Blake00:25:5723.1
33Pete wilson00:26:0523.0
34Kevin Harris00:26:0823.0
35Jamie Whitcher00:26:1622.8
36Max Webber00:26:2122.8
37Martin Ross00:26:2522.7
38Richard Parker00:26:3022.6
39Pete Coombs00:26:3522.6
40Tom Butler00:26:3622.6
41Adrian Watkins00:26:3922.5
42Matt Blythe00:26:5022.4
43Luke Monahan00:26:5522.3
44David James-Cheesman00:27:1922.0
45Lizzy Campbell00:27:2221.9
46Peter Walker00:27:3021.8
47Louisa Cooper00:27:4921.6
48Lucy Gadd00:27:5921.4
49Julian Sheppard00:28:0121.4
50Neil Dyble00:28:0621.4
51Dean jewer00:28:0621.4
52Jeremy Gill00:28:1521.2
53Nicholas Cooper00:28:3321.0
54Dan Byrne00:28:4220.9
55Harry O'Donoghue00:28:5320.8
56Emma Needham00:29:0120.7
57Kate Bowers00:29:0120.7
58Martin Howes00:29:3720.3
59Fiona Scotter00:29:4620.2
60Michael Round00:30:1719.8
61Mat Jessop00:30:2219.8
62Martin Balk00:31:3919.0
63Catherine Pascoe00:33:1718.0
64Dave Cooper00:34:0017.6
65Nicholas Brewster00:34:2017.5
66Ben Gill00:35:2117.0
1Nicholas O'Hara00:24:3324.4
1Sean Williams00:24:3324.4
2Mary Corbett00:37:4015.9
2Penny Cossburn00:37:4015.9


P164 10m TT 26/08/2018


Ten Series Results Tables after 12 Events


P163 10m TT 14/08/2018 Ten Series No 12



Follow this link NFCC 2019 Events Calendar for all this year’s events. The PDF download includes details of all the club time trials and contact details for Margaret in order to ring up on the day and reserve a start slot (NFCC members before midday, non members after midday). The cost to race is now £4. […]


Club news

Second TT goes ahead

Seven riders braved deceptively sunny but very chilly, windy conditions. Barry Hards in full TT kit came home in first place, Phil Jones the only other rider to come close to his time. George Weller (Junior) took part in his first TT and chose a tough day to do so. See Gerry’s photos in the […]


Wind scuppers first TT

In spite of a good number of volunteer marshals, the wind prevented the first club TT of the year taking place due to a fallen tree on the course. Hopefully the weather will improve for next weekend.