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P165/15 time trial

After the confusion of the course and HQ, with the NFCC events list differing from the South DC, the event was finally run on the official P165/15. The NFCC event listed P164/15 couldn’t be used due to the police forms stating the route via Balmer Lawn and Beaulieu, and the historic NFCC variant starting at Roundhills camp site has no risk assessment and therefore no South DC backing.

In warm but settled conditions, 9 riders finally took the start; Aron Kelly having (almost!) finalised his bike set-up, took the win. Ben Schooling was first rider off and first rider home, for second place. Stuart Peckham wasn’t sure why he rode with the weekend 50 still in his legs, but still managed to claim 3rd place. Phil Grant proved that the TINAT event hasn’t blunted his speed, and Richard Parker and Phil Harris managed to tie on time.

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NFCC/BJW Inter-club 25 mile TT

A very good field for an evening 25, with the Jubilee slightly outnumbering the Forest, but also a trio of Fareham Wheelers riders. However, with one DNF each for the two clubs due to punctures, and one DNF for the Jubilee due to going off course, the finishing numbers for the Inter-club were the same. […]


Weekend Round-up 15th July

Bob Jolliffe has been in touch with some of his recent results. On Weds, July 3, he rode the a3crg Middlemarkers’ 25 on P884b/25 finishing with 1-06-47 which he says is his best in England since 1983, giving him a plus of 5-18 on standard for a 66-year-old. The following Weds he clocked his best […]


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