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P128 and Heath RR report

A great field on an evening that again threatened rain, but it had passed through earlier in the afternoon; a not entirely helpful wind faced the riders instead. Aron Kelly was just beaten to the win by Antony Green, Aron had been altering his bar set-up the previous day and wasn’t entirely happy with it; Ray Claridge rounded out the podium. Alex Hawkes posted a very good time (one to watch!), Richard Parker and Graham Lenton also putting in 23 minute rides.

Sonia Laurie is putting in some fast times and will highly likely go up a division next year. Work commitments mean Tuesday is a difficult day but she’s taking days off to get her minimum rides in. At the other end of the field Peter Hawker was again pleased to be beating a few younger members. George Weller may not have been among them in different circumstances, but took Dad Geoff’s advice on pacing for two laps and crossed the finish line leisurely to start another lap!

Good times were also posted by long distance specialists Phil Grant and Phil Harris, perhaps proving that getting the miles in doesn’t harm speed.

The first in the Heath RR series took place on the same night. Four NFCC riders entered across two events. The Veterans event was raced over 4 laps and the senior over 5 of the familiar P164 loop.

A report on the Senior race from Stewart Ward –

“Heath Race (Seniors) went a bit like this for me: Race started, got dropped as soon as we turned into a crosswind. Rode round with two others that got dropped. Finished 3rd from last I think. Too much too soon after Sunday….. will try again in 2 weeks with fresher legs!” Worth noting that Elliot Chilton finished 8th in the event.

A report on the Vet race from Russell Wynn –

” I was the only NFCC rider in the veterans, and placed 25th. Like Stewart, I lost contact with the lead pack early on, primarily by being too conservative and sitting too far back. By the time I realised the pack had split in the middle when hitting the headwind section it was too late to bridge, despite working at >90% of MHR for a while! I then carried on to the finish with a ‘chase’ group of Sotonia and Niuew Bos riders (see photo). Nearly everyone else who got dropped in the initial surge pulled out (I think the same happened in the seniors). So a tough workout, but only my second bike race and I learnt some useful lessons for next time!

The second in the series is on 18 June and unfortunately also clashes with a NFCC TT, but it would be good to have a few more club mates for company!”

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