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Weekend Round-up 21st Oct

October 21st, 2018

Time Trials

A number of New Forest Riders entered the (RTTC) CTT National Circuit Championships at Thruxton. Nick Buck was a DNS, but Bob Jolliffe recorded a 5th place in the v65 to 69 category recording 33.18. Antony Green was two seconds off the 50-54 category win, recording 24.40 for a silver medal.

A composite team made up of members of the RAAM team, with Stewart Ward representing NFCC took the bronze medal in the 4 up TTT event.


Ian MacDonald and Catherine Pascoe rode the Sotonia event at Southampton Sports Centre. Ian took 5th place in the V60 category and Catherine took 3rd place in  the women’s V50+.


Weekend Round-up 07th Oct

October 8th, 2018

After a week of no club activity (well nobody sent anything) there was apparently a historic local two day event on, with 5 NFCC riders spotted on the start list. Gerry Read has some photos on the gallery pages, so it must be true! Reports anticipated…

Wessex Cyclocross League round 4 at Standlake Arena, Witney near Oxford.

Report from Catherine:

This was one of those courses that scared me as I rode the practice laps. It was very very technical, with big run ups, steep drops, roots and tight turns in the wooded section and lots of berms and tight turns on the lumpy bumpy grass area, as well as what the organiser described as ‘the whoops’ which wouldn’t have been out of place on a BMX course. I deliberately gridded myself towards the back at the start, scared that I would totally mess up somewhere and fall off in front of better riders if I started further up the pack. In the end I loved the course which, at race pace, flowed really well and was childishly good fun! I was the only woman V50 so stood on the podium by myself. No other NFCC riders took part.

Weekend Round-up 23rd Sept

September 23rd, 2018

Update from last week – Peter Weaver made another attempt on the 71 year old’s 25 mile record, his previous attempt thwarted by the event being cancelled! He rode the Southdown Velo event in 1.12.38 and claims the age related record.

Further to last week’s cyclo-cross opener, event registration is with Poole Wheelers (the event is a joint event) and hasn’t yet been completed. However the event will be at Crow Hill on 20th January so  add an entry to your calendar.

Basingstoke Cyclo-cross Wessex League round 2

Catherine Pascoe rode a wet and slightly muddy event to finish 36th out of 46 entrants, and 3rd V50 woman. Philip Sparkes also rode, in the V50 men, finishing 35th out of 41 entrants. Well done Philip, hopefully you enjoyed it!

Time Trials

Antony Green rode the E2/30c, and in spite of missing a sign and taking a diversion costing 2 min 02 seconds, recorded 1.03.01. The event was wet and windy, with more of a headwind on the way back, but oddly the event saw some fast times, possibly due to relatively slow moving traffic in the weather conditions.

Remember to send any info to

Weekend Round-up 16th Sept

September 16th, 2018

The Cyclo-cross season has started! More news on the NFCC event will be sent out via BC email in the next week or so once the event has formally been registered with British Cycling. The club is an affiliated member of the Wessex League, so all NFCC riders can take part.

Report from the first round by Catherine Pascoe

The race was held at Newbury Racecourse, using the land within the horse racing circuit. The course was pretty flat and on rough lumpy grassland, making it hard work to ride over. The course designers had used all the various hillocks and hollows to create short banks to ascend/descend and lovely flowing berms. The addition of an unrideable sandpit and two plank hurdles completed the technical parts of the course. 
For the first time in the history of the Wessex League there is now a separate women’s race, and this is also the only league in the country to recognise the need for a separate race for women. In recent years the women have ridden with the V50 men, dealing with being effectively shoved out of the way by often aggressive men. For this inaugural women’s race, 48 women took part, across the junior, senior, V40 and V50 categories. It’s a shame there was no champagne but we did have a big group photo taken after the race! The atmosphere was brilliant as we were all so pleased to finally have the race we wanted. 
I raced my little socks off after a really good start and finished 30th out of 48 riders (all cats) and 2nd V50. I actually got to stand on the podium and won some cash! Photo to follow!
Sadly no other NFCC riders were there. Perhaps next week…. Basingstoke – a very good course for those who are relatively new to ‘cross, so enter via British Cycling and give it a go! Mountain bikes are welcome.

No other race reports this week – remember to send them to

Weekend Round-up 9th Sept and Varese TT

September 9th, 2018

Varese TT – Report from Paul Lockyer

TT course wasn’t as bad as I first thought. The climbing was pretty gradual and only a couple of big kicks which zapped some speed. Didn’t really train for the event, went to have fun and enjoy the experience. Happy with my power hoped to hold 300w, more happy I didn’t hit the barrier after the finish line! Finished 25th in age group and 3rd Brit. (note – the short video Paul has shows him narrowly missing a barrier at high speed)

Utag 10 P881R

The rain held off, though there were a few spots while warming up. Conditions were blustery, but in general everyone improved by a few seconds in comparison to the Poole event last week. Paul Lockyer was unfortunately a DNS; the team 10 record would likely have been improved, as Stuart and Antony, the other two counting members last year, improved their times. The club however did gain 6th place from 13 counting teams of 3.

Bob Jolliffe (26.20) and Aaron Kelly (21.47) were early starters and I didn’t get any comments other than a wave goodbye from Bob as he headed home. Justin Priest was also another non-starter. Stewart Ward (21.55) was pleased with his time, and mentioned hanging up his wheels for the year on a relative high, after a below par season with injury and RAAM commitments. It turns out that isn’t going to be the case and hard training is on the plan! Stuart Peckham (21.39) improved a few seconds over last year, but not quite up to his best 2 years ago. Antony (19.50 ) was very pleased with his ride after initially feeling below par, improving his PB by 17 seconds and finally getting under 20 minutes after 24 years of bike racing.

Chain Gang (6th Sept) – report by Russell Wynn

Four members enjoyed good conditions for this week’s Chain Gang, and from the off it was clearly going to be a hard session. Chapeau to Phil H and Neil for shrugging off the exertions of the previous weekend and ensuring we arrived in Burley as a tight group. Phil G and I had our first attack up Wilverley Hill thwarted by marauding cattle, but further attacks and counter-attacks on the swift run back to Brockenhurst opened up a few gaps. I made our average pace about 36 km/hr, but we probably lost a minute or so due to errant livestock!

Saturday Club Ride (8th Sept) – report by Russell Wynn

Autumn is officially here! Two of our NFCC GB reps came attired in tights as well as their red, white and blue vests from Varese last weekend, and the sound of crunching acorns accompanied the eleven riders during the initial passage up the Ornamental Drive. Rob’s steady hand ensured we had a safe and uneventful passage to Rockbourne and back via the Avon Valley, and even the final romp up Braggers was well controlled. A coffee stop at the Cider Pantry in Burley injected a bit more energy into the group, with a useful tailwind aiding a swift run back to Brockenhurst. A core of riders then headed onwards to Beaulieu for some additional mileage, with the average speed for the day around 30 km/hr.

Weekend Round-up 2nd September – Varese Update

September 2nd, 2018

UCI Masters World Championship – report by Phil Harris

Race Report. UCI Gran Fondo World championship, Varese 2018

The NFCC was well represented in this year’s world championship road race in Varese with four riders taking part in different age groups. Elliot Chilton 19-35 year age group, Phil Harris 50-54 year age group and Robert Sweatman and Neil Stevenson on the 55-59 age group.

All four had qualified at the Tour of Cambridge in June on a very flat and fast 127K course. Varese offered a similar distance at 130K but a very different challenge with over 1900 metres of climbing and some highly technical descents.

Phil had arrived a few days in advance but any hopes of a course recce on Friday were thwarted by a storm of biblical proportions. Neil and Robert both arrived on Friday giving plenty of time to check their bikes, register and once the rain had finally abated late on Saturday afternoon check out the first big climb of the race. Neil had booked his trip through a specialist cycling travel agency so had the opportunity to meet with other riders over a good meal and talk race tactics.

Sunday was race day and the weather was now thankfully excellent for racing. With only 2500 riders in ten separate pens, the pre-race was much calmer than we have grown used to at the larger UK closed road events.

Team GB was very well represented here as were Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Poland, Croatia and the Scandinavian countries but many more countries took part too from Mexico, china to the UAE.

The first 12K of the race was an average 2% rise on excellent open roads. Unsurprisingly it was fast and furious. Phil witnessed several serious looking crashes including one in the first 1K of the race.

Robert and Neil fared well on this section, Robert reporting that he had managed to position himself in the top 1/3rd in the pen and was in the leading peloton for the first 12km. Phil’s group spread out quickly but he managed to find a good sized group to work with and reached the base of the first hill in reasonable time.

When Robert’s group hit the first climb (4km @ 7%) the field started to spread out, he really enjoys the long hills and used his power meter to good effect to control his enthusiasm. Neil reported that It was critical to judge the pace well at this stage, to get over the climbs with enough to spare and then to use good descending skills to join the group that then formed for the next flat section. Phil also measured his effort with care and was keenly aware that if he tried to attack the hills he would come undone pretty quickly.

The route took us over 5-6 significant climbs including a couple of short sections of cobbles. On one of these Phil dropped his chain and ended up running that section Froome style. All of the climbs were followed by technical descents with a couple of flat sections around lake shores thrown in. The course also passed through numerous small villages with some lethal drains, corners and tight bends but was also populated by some enthusiastic locals cheering the cyclists on.

There was criticism from some that the descents were too dangerous for this type of race. Robert who is relatively new to cycling was understandably nervous,‘The downhill was particularly challenging with blind 90 degree corners and unhelpfully place road furniture’.

Neil saw the aftermath of a couple of crashes but felt the key turns were well marshalled and the risk was not too high.

Phil had a few close calls and at one point made the rookie mistake of following the line of another rider resulting in a little involuntary off-roading. He was keen to make up time on the descents and was perhaps a little reckless at times.

Not surprisingly many riders had over cooked it in the first 50km. The race included almost 2000m of climbing which resulted in a much more tactical ride than the qualifying event in Cambridge. From about a third of the way in Neil and Robert started to pass guys who had been dropped by the lead groups many of them looked as though their race was already over.

The significant climbs were at 12K (4.5K @ 7%), 33km (5.3km @ 5%); 71km (2.5km @ 5%); and 81km (4km @ 5%). But lots of smaller climbs in between.

The next part of the race (until 100Km) followed a similar theme for Robert, up the hills he would overtake lots of people, on the downhills they would overtake him and then on the flats in between he would work hard to catch-up and then cycle together. At 65km Robert led a breakaway from a larger group. Phil would all too often find himself isolated and attempted to find a sustainable effort level, when groups came through he would work with them until the next hill and then inevitably they would pull away.

The last 15km or so was flatter but with a serious sting in the tail. The pace stayed high in Neil’s group, with riders from Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Slovenia, Italy and several Brits. Working well together. However, no one wanted to bury themselves before the final 3km climb to Varese which included some sections of up to 16%. Some riders who were riding with big gears at this stage fell back quickly and the race broke up before the last flat 600m race to the finish.

Robert was in a group of about 20+ at this stage but he said made a tactical mistake leading the group for the last 2+ km on the flat, and then slightly lost touch up the set of hills meaning he was 20m off the group for the final sprint in.

After completing the final climb of pain Phil was so excited that he dug deep for a respectable 600 metre ‘sprint’ to complete the course.

The finishing times and positions are as follows:

Elliot Chilton 19-35’s in 3.57.36 201st out of 260

Robert Sweatman 55-59’s in 4.05.43 125th out of 250

Neil Stevenson 55-59’s in 4.11.11 146th out of 25

Phil Harris 50-54’s in 4.40.28 329th out of 354

Following the race Varese town centre was taken over by the race village where the pasta party was soon in full swing followed by the much hyped but rather protracted awards ceremony. A volley of ticker tape was fired into the sky at the finale as were approximately 14 balloons. Phil (his wife Louise), Robert and Neil gathered to exchange stories over a beer and a cup of horrid coffee under the shelter of the food tent as another un-forecast biblical downpour ensued .

Monday morning was a great opportunity for Neil to take a recovery spin around Lake Varese with a proper Italian coffee stop in the sunshine.

I think all of us enjoyed the experience. Most of all meeting and competing with riders from other parts of Britain and all around the world not to mention the privilege of wearing the the GB jersey.

If you are interested in competing at the event next year in Poland or the following year in Vancouver then I would thoroughly recommend it.

Primera TeamJobs 10 mile TT

Six New Forest riders entered the event, which unfortunately clashed with one of our own club’s events and meant that it had to be cancelled with only two riders turning up, outnumbered 3 to one by marshals and timekeepers!

Peter Weaver was disappointed with his ride of 27.18, chasing the 71 year old’s record of 26.48, Bob Jolliffe also missing out with a time of 26.33 chasing a 66 year old’s record of 25.15; both set by Vic White in the early 2000s. Vic’s records were likely set with little aero assistance on a slow course, so stand as achievements that may be hard to beat.

Sacha Ring was unfortunately a DNS, Stewart Ward was pleased with his time given his recent lack of training and recorded a 22.09. Most pleased of the day was Stuart Peckham, taking 15 seconds off his PB and 22nd overall with a 21.40 – well done Stuart! Antony Green recorded 20.08 for 9th overall and 3rd Vet on standard.

P164 10m TT 26/08/2018

August 28th, 2018
1Aron Kelly00:24:3224.5
2Stuart Peckham00:25:1723.7
3Alex Hawkes00:25:4023.4
4Stewart Ward00:25:4223.3
5Amanda Hawkes00:34:2517.4
6Peter Hawker00:36:0116.7
1Paul Jones00:22:3026.7Primera
2Dave Dent00:23:1825.8GS Stella
3John Sibley00:23:4225.3UTAG
4Ian Patterson00:24:2324.6Team New Forest
5Erica Fogg00:26:1822.8Sotonia CC
6Oliver Berney00:27:1022.1Royal Sutton CC

Weekend Round-up 26th August

August 27th, 2018

Catherine Pascoe (43.02) and Peter Weaver (42.36) both set NFCC age related records at the VTTA 15 mile championship on the H15/1 on Saturday. Antony Green was a DNS due to illness.


Follow this link NFCC 2018 Events Calendar for all this year’s events. The PDF download includes details of all the club time trials and contact details for Margaret in order to ring up on the day and reserve a start slot (NFCC members before midday, non members after midday).   For the Training Blog, with details […]



P164 10m TT 26/08/2018


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