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Lull after storm, roads in a mess, Lock still in charge

By New Forest CC Press Secretary  Bob Jolliffe

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FLOODING, dangerous gravel and a ditched lorry meant a swift change of course for New Forest Cycling Club’s first of a pair of Thorney Hill 10-milers.

The problems at Crow caused by heavy overnight rain led to the abandonment of the usual Burley-Braggers Wood course and the utilisation of the two-lap Thorney Hill-Bransgore circuit, used just seven days before, instead.

Whatever the course, it made no difference to club powerhouse Gary Lock who took advantage of calm, bright conditions to improve on his previous winning time by 43 seconds to 23min 41sec.

Second place went to GA Cycles’ visitor Ray Claridge who finished in 24-10 to beat New Forest’s Ben Boardman into third by 46 seconds.

Another Forest rider, Tony Rendall, took fourth with 25-34 with three seconds in hand over Southampton Tri Club’s Peter Wooldridge who was two seconds quicker than the Forest’s next best Stuart Peckham who tied with second claim New Forest CC member Martin Beale (VC St Raphael) with 25-39.

Other times (NFCC unless stated): Stuart Ward 25-45, Steve Dauncey (Southampton University RC) 26-08, Steve Roberts 26-23, Ben Clifford (private trial under the Come and Try It scheme) 26-33, Peter Wilson (Bournemouth Arrow CC) 26-35, Dan Mitchell 26-58, Geri Robinson 27-01, James Bannister and Gary Plumb both 27-08, Richard Rajski 27-16, Richard Mason 27-24, Keith Bradfield 27-26, Joe Phillips 27-28, Phil Underwood 27-30, Konnor Bracher-Walsh 27-40, Barry Wootten 27-45, Hugo Walters 27-58, Julian Sheppard (Sotonia CC) 28-41, Julian McCarthy (Soton TC) 28-48, Stuart Gray (private) 29-55, Anthony Moyle 30-18, Geoff Weller 30-31, David Wilson 27-31, Poppy Holmes (Soton TC) 29-57, Peter Weaver 30-00, Chris Mills 31-07, Aleksandra Burlinson 32-00, Peter Hawker 32-34, Martin Balk 33-49, Sue O’Dowd (Soton TC) 35-15.

Hitchings wins Sotonia 10 by two seconds

Ollie Hitchings of Peter Hansford Racing was the winner of the Sotonia CC 10 on the Copythorne-Cadnam-West Totton Bypass circuit passing the timekeeper in 22min 38sec, just two seconds faster than Stuart Martingale from the promoting club.

GA Cycles’ Ray Claridge took third with 22-48 just ahead of teammate Simon Barnes (23-05) who had a single second in hand over Sotonia’s Gawain Young.

Other times (Sotonia CC unless stated): David Ardley (Soton TC) 23-17, Colin Yeates 23-22, Steve Wood (Antelope RT) 23-23, Mike Zollo (Soton TC) 24-03, Richard Blake (GA Cycles) 24-18, Kieran Batt 24-20, John Dudley 24-53, Dave England (Crabwood CC) 25-32, Cameron Taylor 26-36, Julian Sheppard 27-18, Alan Doney (Winchester & District AC) 27-37, Stuart Martin (Come and Try It) 28-24, Chris Summers 29-01, Peter Trunwitt (Bournemouth Jubilee Whrs) 29-28, Norman Harvey 30-41, Martin Balk (New Forest CC) 30-56, Mary Corbett 31-00, Julian Gee 31-11, Martin Napier 31-39.

Cycle path racing and Audax Excursion add to experience

Conditions were also kind to New Forest CC member Nick Tattersall riding in Severn Road Club’s evening 10 on the U186 course the same evening.

However, road works meant almost a mile of the course had to be ridden on a cycle path which Nick reckons added about 20 seconds to his time of 25-41, 11 seconds faster than the previous week.

The winner was again Peter Georgi of Giant CC-Halo Films with 21-24, 20 seconds slower than seven days previously.

Two days earlier Nick braved the wind and rain in the CTC/Audax UK 125-mile New Forest Excursion as part of his build up to the 500-mile Beat the Block charity ride from Portsmouth to Rosyth.

He said: “I didn’t complete it, giving up at the Cranborne checkpoint and deciding to return, but it felt like an epic ride anyway in those conditions. 

“Seventy-one miles in 4hr 50min, one puncture and a collapsed outer gear cable added to the fun.  It was good to hook up with Martyn Dymond in Ringwood and ride back together. 

“Anyway the point of this is to say “Thanks” to the organiser John Ward and to point out to everyone what incredible value this type of event represents compared to commercial sportives. 

“No signing, but a detailed route card, manned check points in remote car parks where you are provided with bananas and chocolate biscuits, a warm welcome and hot food and drink on your return.  All for the grand price of £6.  Incredible!”

Cold and punctures take toll

A chill east wind and a severe case of the puncture bug made turned the Wayfarers’ Randonee on the Isle of Wight something of an epic on Sunday.

New Forest’s Rob Brinsdon was the victim of the punctures which affected him every six miles or so.

The problem proved so bad that eventually he resorted to taking a taxi back to Yarmouth and returning home to Lymington without completing the 67-mile course from Yarmouth and taking in Cowes, Wootton, Bembridge, Alverstone and Whitwell.

Teammates Gary Lock and Tony Rendall went on to complete the circuit.

Club president Roger Bacon, Dan Mitchell and Dave Wilson rode around together and completed the course, as did Mike Ahearn and Peter and Jill Norris.

Roger said: “It was horrible weather and freezing cold. It was six degrees at the east end.”

But the conditions couldn’t stop his enthusiasm for cycling. He added “It was an enjoyable ride.”

Closed road and cobbles

Shaftesbury’s cobbled Gold Hill – made famous by those hoary old Hovis adverts – is being closed to traffic (not that much uses it) for the Shaftesbury Cycle Revival hill climb, known as the Bread Winner, on the afternoon of Sunday, May 27.

Advertised as “a full-on-out-the-saddle-sprint climb” which is “steep, uneven and features cobbles that will rattle your teeth out” it sounds like a race for the hardest of the hard.

There are races for male and female juniors in ranges 11-13, 14/15 and 16/17; males and females in open classes for 18 to 39-year-olds, 40 to 49-year-olds, those aged 50 plus and for those riding fixed wheel.

The morning features downhill racing for those with specialist kit and nerves of steel.

Check out the details and get entry forms from . The downhill costs £12.50 and the hill climb £10.

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