The New Forest Cycling Club

Forest takes convincing win in first round

By Bob Jolliffe

NEW Forest Cycling Club convincingly won the first of two rounds in its inter-club competition against Sotonia CC south of Lyndhurst.
Promoting the first of the two-event series, New Forest CC took the top three places with Gary Lock clocking a resounding 22-55 to win the 10-mile trial on a none-too-easy evening with a headwind on the long leg south to Beaulieu.
Ben Boardman was second with 23-32, junior Hugo Walters took third with 25-13 and James Bannister made up the winning quartet in sixth place with 25-52.
Phil Connall and John Dudley were the only Sotonia riders to split the Forest foursome with 25-34 and 25-35 for fourth and fifth respectively. Their clubmates Dan Edwards and John Legg tied with 25-57 and completed the team which amassed 23 points against the Forest’s 12.
Others (New Forest CC except where stated): Adrian Jenkins (GA Cycles) 24-45, Mike Naolls (VC Venta) 25-11, Mike Zollo (Soton Tri Club) 25-38, Graham Lawton 26-12, Geri Robinson 26-13, Graham Vail (Sotonia) 26-42, Keith Bradfield and Dan Mitchell tied with 26-49, Cam Taylor (Sotonia) 26-51, Gary Plumb 26-54, Tim Cook (Sotonia) 26-56, John and Nick Wisby (Sotonia riding a tandem) 27-08, James Peckham (Sotonia) 27-21, Sean Williams 27-26, Sam Aplin 27-36, Neil Stevenson 27-40, Phil Underwood 27-45, Michael Akers (Soton Tri Club) 27-55, Colin Crocker (Sotonia) 28-16, Ted Knowlton (Sotonia) 28-20, Richard Parker 28-21, Peter Weaver and Mick Anglim tied with 28-42, Phil Jones and Jenny Hill (Sotonia) tied with 28-47, Geoff Weller 28-50, Antony Moyle 29-02, Mark Jefferies and Chris Conrath tied with 29-04, Patrick Walter 29-17, Chris Shimman 29-19, Alan Sharpen (Sotonia) 29-29, Peter Norris 29-52, Chris Mills 29-56, Chris Summers (Sotonia) 30-08, Richard Wills 30-30, Peter Hawker and Wendy Knowlton (Sotonia) tied with 30-58, Martin Balk 31-54, Colin Witt (Sotonia) 32-44, Chris Norris 34-53, Tracy Mitchell 35-04.

Beast beats the weather

It was a race against the rain in the Jurassic Beast and Jurassic Coast sportives in the Purbecks on Sunday. Most made it back to the headquarters at Bovington Tank Museum before the dispiriting drizzle set in after lunch.
Peter Weaver and Andrew Hanley were among the New Forest CC riders who completed the 88-mile Beast while 73-year-old club president Roger Bacon and one of the club’s youngest members, 14-year-old Tom Reid, completed the 64-mile Coast ride.

Club news

Geoff Smith

I’ve had the following information from Bob Jolliffe, many of the long term members or older riders will remember Geoff racing as well as being involved in club organisation. Former long-term New Forest CC secretary Geoff Smith is in Southampton General Hospital with a broken leg after falling from his bike on the A337 at […]


Weekend Round-up 28th Oct – Updated!!

Update from Bob Jolliffe with his weekend activities – New Forest CC’s 66-year-old Bob Jolliffe had a brilliant social weekend at the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists’ Track Championships at the Derby Arena Velodrome, even if his attempts at racing were lacklustre. Despite only finishing in one event of two entered, the Group F (age […]


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