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New Forest CC Club Events List 2019

Follow this link NFCC 2019 Events Calendar for all this year’s events.
The PDF download includes details of all the club time trials and contact details for Margaret in order to ring up on the day and reserve a start slot (NFCC members before midday, non members after midday). The cost to race is now £4.
Please note – no working rear light, no ride, even on sunny days.
For the Training Blog, with details of the ride information and weekly training sessions, click here or visit the NFCC members facebook group to which you will be invited when joining the club.

Marshalls Rota

DateTimeCourseM 1M 2M 3
Marshals are an important part of a TT, without them the event cannot legally go ahead and this year will be cancelled. All members need to volunteer for at least one event to qualify for the 10 series. Please contact to volunteer.
2019 rota
2nd July19:00 start P182R.ParkerP.Weaveroptional
9th July19:00 startP164/25I.MacdonaldP.Hawker
16th July 19:00 startP304EP.Hawkerneeded
23rd July 19:00 startP164needed
30th July19:00 start P165/15needed
6th Aug18:30 start P303B (P303 rev)neededneeded


July Events

02/07/2019P182/10 Ten Series No719:00
04/07/2019Chain Gang -
06/07/2019Saturday Ride -
07/07/2019Sunday Ride -
09/07/2019P164/25 - CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS19:00
11/07/2019Chain Gang -
13/07/2019Saturday Ride -
14/07/2019Sunday Ride -
16/07/2019P304E/25 - CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS & I/C BJW ?19:00
18/07/2019Chain Gang -
20/07/2019Saturday Ride -
21/07/2019Sunday Ride -
23/07/2019P164/10 - Ten Series No 8 & I/C with Crabwood19:00
25/07/2019Chain Gang -
27/07/2019Saturday Ride -
28/07/2019Sunday Ride -
30/07/2019P165/15 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS19:00

August Events

01/08/2019Chain Gang -
03/08/2019Saturday Ride -
04/08/2019Sunday Ride -
06/08/2019P303 revi/10 Ten Series No 918:30
08/08/2019Chain Gang -
10/08/2019Saturday Ride -
11/08/2019Sunday Ride -
13/08/2019P164/15 - CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS18:30
15/08/2019Chain Gang -
17/08/2019Saturday Ride -
18/08/2019Sunday Ride -
20/08/2019P163/10 Ten Series No1018:30
22/08/2019Chain Gang -
25/08/2019Saturday Ride -
26/08/2019Sunday Ride -
29/08/2019Chain Gang -

September Events

01/09/2019Sunday Ride -
01/09/2019P164/10 - AUTUMN SERIES09:30
05/09/2019Chain Gang -
07/09/2019Saturday Ride -
08/09/2019Sunday Ride -
12/09/2019Chain Gang -
14/09/2019Saturday Ride -
15/09/2019Sunday Ride -
19/09/2019Chain Gang -
21/09/2019Saturday Ride -
22/09/2019Sunday Ride -
22/09/2019P164/10 - AUTUMN OPEN TT EVENT08:00
26/09/2019Chain Gang -
28/09/2019Saturday Ride -
29/09/2019Bramble Hill Climb10:00
29/09/2019Sunday Ride -


P304E 25m TT 16/07/2019


P164 25m TT 09/07/19


P182 10m TT 02/07/19


P165 15m TT 25/06/2019


P341 10m TT 11/06/2019


P128 10m TT 10 series no. 6


P164 15m TT 28/05/2019 Championship Points


Ten Series Results Tables after 5 Events


P170 10m TT 21/05/2019 Ten Series No5


Ten Series Results Tables after 4 Events


Club courses

Here is a list of the courses that the club uses.

Clicking on the course number takes you to a Google map of the route, or a Strava link of the course. The Google maps also show the locations of HQ; Start & Finish.

Clicking on the “GPX file” downloads the GPX file of the route.

The course numbers may seem a bit confusing but they are based on a national system and actually mean something.   The country is split into various districts and we fall within ‘South’ district.   All courses within South district start with letter ‘P’.   Courses in Southampton/Lyndhurst area are numbered ‘P1–‘ and courses in Ringwood/Christchurch area are numbered ‘P3–‘ .   (There are also 8 other zones in South district but none of our courses fall into them).

Club news

NFCC/BJW Inter-club 25 mile TT

A very good field for an evening 25, with the Jubilee slightly outnumbering the Forest, but also a trio of Fareham Wheelers riders. However, with one DNF each for the two clubs due to punctures, and one DNF for the Jubilee due to going off course, the finishing numbers for the Inter-club were the same. […]


Weekend Round-up 15th July

Bob Jolliffe has been in touch with some of his recent results. On Weds, July 3, he rode the a3crg Middlemarkers’ 25 on P884b/25 finishing with 1-06-47 which he says is his best in England since 1983, giving him a plus of 5-18 on standard for a 66-year-old. The following Weds he clocked his best […]