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club event calendar 2020

New Forest Cycling Club Time Trials 2020

Working rear lights are now compulsory for club & open TTs

Date Distance Course Event Start  
22/03/20 16 P165/16 Balmer Lawn Circuit 09.30  
29/03/20 10 P164 Spring 10 series No 1 09.30  
05/04/20 10 P170 Spring 10 series No 2 09.30  
07/04/20 10 P163 10 series, Invite Lym Tri 18.30  
16/04/20 10 Sotonia host P182 I/C sotonia & 10 series 18.30  
21/04/20 10 BJW host P311 I/C BJW & 10 series 18.30  
28/04/20 10 P170 10 series 18.30  
03/05/20 33 Open event P333 Round the Forest 07.00  
07/05/20 10 BA host P311 I/C BA & 10 series 19.00  
12/05/20 10 NFCC host P164 I/C PW & 10 series 19.00  
19/05/20 15 P164/15 15 Challenge aggregate 19.00  
26/05/20 25 Share hosting P128/25 I/C Sotonia 19.00  
31/05/20 10 PW host P415 I/C PW BJW NFCC 07.00  
09/06/20 10 P341 10 series Invite Lym Tri 19.00  
16/06/20 10 NFCC host P311 I/C BA & 10 series 19.00  
23/06/20 10 P128 10 series 19.00  
30/06/20 10 NFCC host P170 I/C BJW & 10 series 19.00  
07/07/20 15 P164/15 15 Challenge Aggregate 19.00  
14/07/20 25 NFCC host P304E I/C BJW 19.00  
21/07/20 10 P341  10 series 19.00  
28/07/20 10 P164 10 series Invite Lym Tri 19.00  
04/08/20 15 P165/15 15 Challenge Aggregate 18.30  
11/08/20 10 P170 10 series 18.30  
18/08/20 10 NFCC host P128 I/C Sotonia 18.30  
20/09/20 10 P164 Autumn 10 open 08.00  
26/12/20 10 P311 Boxing Day 10 open 10.00  

You will notice a 10 with Poole Wheelers and Bournemouth Jubilee on 31st May (Sunday morning). Let’s make an effort for this as it’s a good opportunity to ride a really fast course and have a good competition with local riders. It would help their organisation if you would put your name down on the Poole Wheelers website in advance.

Similarly, please sign on on the Bournemouth Jubilee website for 21st April event.

With these events you can turn up and ride, but like our own TTs it just helps if you can do it in advance.



To help with admin please enter our evening events by phoning Margaret Read on 01425 653822 on the day between 9am and 4pm

Courses we’re using this year: (in order of first appearance)

Course No    Sign on                                                          Start

P165/16           Balmer Lawn CP, Brockenhurst                       Balmer Lawn

P164                Parc Pale CP Beauleu Rd, Lyndhurst               Boltons Bench

P170                Bolderwood CP                                               Approx 500m NE of Milkham junction

P163                Bull Hill X roads CP Pilley                                Crockford Clump CP

P182                Piper’s Wait CP, Nomansland                         Landford X roads

P311                Ringwood Main CP                                         Lidl Rbt

P164/15           Parc Pale CP Beauleu Rd, Lyndhurst               Matley Wood

P128/25           Bartley layby on A336                                     Copythorne School?

P415                Wessex Trading Estate, Old Wareham Rd      Old Ryvita Factory, Old Wareham Road

P341                Holmsley South CP Forest Road                     Thorney Hill X roads

P128/10           Bartley layby on A336                                     Copythorne School

You will see that we have changed the programme this year to include more shorter events and more interclubs in order to encourage greater participation and friendly competition. As a paid up member of an affiliated cycling club you are entitled to ride all open events and any other club’s event as a private.

Juniors and Juveniles are welcome at our events and will a parental consent form to be signed and witnessed and handed to an event official at you first club event. (keep a copy if you want to ride other club’s events)

Club news


We will need volunteers for events this year and like last year any rider missing an event through marshalling will be given points in the 10 series. Hopefully through this, we will not have to cancel any event through the lack of marshals. Once we know who the racing secretary will be they will need […]



This years AGM is on Friday 6th March 19.30 Tiptoe Church Hall. Any nominations for vacant positions within the club or items wanting on the Agenda please contact Kelvin Pinchen by 29th Feb


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