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January the 20th saw the New Forest CC, Bournemouth Arrow, Poole Wheelers and Bournemouth Jubilee join together to put on a Cyclo-cross event.

The four clubs have individually put on Cyclo-cross events in the past, but not for at least 10 years. With the massive increase in popularity of the sport, competitor numbers have grown from 40-60 to 3-400 across the various age categories. Putting on an event now given the number of volunteers needed, is not possible for one club.

The event took place at Crow after attempting to negotiate with 4 other venues. Crow has hosted many Cyclo-cross and MTB events for at least 20 years. The day was a great success, with a good entry and positive comments from competitors. See photos and results on Eamonn’s site spite of the amount of work required, the clubs are considering doing it again next year!

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P165/15 time trial

After the confusion of the course and HQ, with the NFCC events list differing from the South DC, the event was finally run on the official P165/15. The NFCC event listed P164/15 couldn’t be used due to the police forms stating the route via Balmer Lawn and Beaulieu, and the historic NFCC variant starting at […]


Event details for Tues 25th June – important!

There is a discrepancy between the South DC and NFCC web sites. I’m hoping that the NFCC is more accurate and that the correct police forms have been submitted. Start time is 19:00, meet at Parc pale HQ and note that there are NO prior signing on facilities as Margaret is not available, just turn […]


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